Roof Sealant, Coating and Waterproofing Services

Roof Sealant, Coating and Waterproofing Services

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Roof Sealant, Coating and Waterproofing

Keeping your roof safe from the elements might require a special coating, or roof sealant – and it may be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Hiring an expert roofing contractor to apply roof sealant can protect your roof and everything under it for years.

R&R Exteriors is the right choice when it comes to roof sealant application, coating and waterproofing services. Our team of highly trained professionals can apply solvent-based silicone coatings, asphalt emulsions, acrylic roof coatings and other types of protectants to block out harmful UV rays, prevent water from seeping into your roofing materials (or worse, down to the roof deck) and extend your roof’s lifespan.

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What You Need to Know About Roof Sealant

Your roof is exposed to harsh elements, including dangerous ultraviolet radiation, hail, ice and rain – and sometimes it’s hammered by high winds, too. That means it needs a solid layer of protection to prevent leaks, which can cause structural damage to your home or business.

Waterproofing is an absolute necessity on flat roofs, but it can be a tremendous help on pitched roofs, too. Different coatings are available for a variety of roof materials, including asphalt shingles, tile and slate shingles, or metal.

A roof coating is a fully adhered, fluid-applied roofing membrane that stretches without falling apart. It can offer you several benefits, including:


·     Added fire resistance: Some types of roof sealant are fire-resistant, so they may be safer during an emergency.

·     Mold resistance: Many roof coatings are able to resist mold growth, which is particularly helpful when your roof has shady spots or you’re in a high-humidity area.

·     Reduced energy costs: Some roof coatings provide a seal that helps reduce heating and cooling costs.

·     UV protection: Ultraviolet rays can cause molecular changes in roofing materials (particularly shingles), which can cause them to degrade.

·     Waterproofing: The right roof sealant keeps water from seeping into your roofing materials and helps prevent damage to your home’s structure from leaks.

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