What You Need To Know When Hiring A Commercial Roofing Contractor

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What You Need To Know When Hiring A Commercial Roofing Contractor

No two roofing contractors are identical and if you have commercial needs, you need a good contractor on your contact list. A quality roofing contractor is a good investment for any commercial business and while there are plenty of companies in the area who will do the job, you want quality services for what you pay. If you are in the market to hire a commercial roofing contractor, here are some of the things you need to know about them before you make a selection and sign on the dotted line.  

Complete Commercial Certification 

Residential homes don’t undergo inspections and maintenance on a routine basis, but commercial buildings do. Homeowners may not have as many structural concerns, but it’s a constant issue with commercial buildings. When you hire commercial roofing contractors for your building, you need to ensure that you only choose certified professionals. You can check with your state department for the licensing of the business you are considering or ask the company to see their license. Stick with professionals so you don’t have to worry about passing your next inspection.  

Employee Training 

Just because a company has the right paperwork doesn’t mean they always train their employees to do quality work. You need anyone working on your commercial roof to be safe and well trained. The employees should be certified as well as the company as a whole, so you know the right installation process is being used alongside the proper safety precautions.  

Insurance For All 

You also have to inspect insurance policies so the roofing contractor you hire is well covered in case anything happens. Whether you have a flat commercial roof or something sloping, accidents can always happen when people are working up high like that. You want insurance to protect you and the contractor if anything happens. It’s never a bad idea to have a copy of that documentation in case you need it in the future.  

Warranties And Guarantees 

The right roofing contractor will stand behind their work. There will likely already be a warranty on the roofing products you choose, but you might also want a guarantee on their workmanship. They should stand behind their product and installation/repair work with a warranty that makes you comfortable with what you receive.  

There are plenty of other things you will want to know about a roofing contractor before you hire the company for your commercial job. You might want to ask about their years in business, their similar experience, and even for references and referrals. Checking the company out thoroughly before you let them loose on your commercial building is a good way to avoid regrets later. If you want the best, contact R & R Exteriors at (214) 994-5339. We have been the most trusted roofing contractors in Dallas and Fort Worth for over 30 years and we’ll show you why when we talk in person. Visit us at 10440 N Central Expy Ste 800 Dallas, TX 75231.