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4 Common Roofing Materials – Dallas Roofing Company

If you’re thinking about getting a new roof, the good news is that you have a huge variety of materials to choose from. Check out the most common roofing materials you’ll see in Dallas and the surrounding communities to help you make the right choice for your home.

4 Most Common Roofing Materials in Dallas

While there are several types of roofing materials available – and from a tremendous number of manufacturers – these are the most common on homes in the Dallas area:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Tile
  • Slate and synthetic slate
  • Wood

Most people choose roofing materials based on their home’s architectural style – you won’t typically see a wood roof on a Mediterranean-style home, for example.

Asphalt ShinglesRoofing Materials SQpng

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing materials in the U.S. They’re typically cost-effective and can protect your home for 20 to 30 years with proper care and maintenance. Most asphalt shingles are wind-resistant, to a certain degree, and moderately impact-resistant (good to know for hail season). Several types of asphalt shingles are designed with extra wind and impact resistance, as well.

Tile Roofing Materials

Tile has a long and storied history in roofing – the first roof tiles were used in ancient China. They’re durable and reliable, but they’re typically more expensive than other materials are. If you choose tile, know that concrete is cheaper than clay is. You’ll usually see tile roofs (either concrete or clay) on Mediterranean-style, Spanish Colonial, Italian Renaissance and Mission-style homes.

Slate and Synthetic Slate

Slate makes an attractive roofing material, but it’s extremely heavy – and not all homes can support a slate roof’s weight. It’s also delicate, as far as roofing materials go, and it’s expensive. Fortunately, synthetic slate is more affordable, durable and lightweight than actual slate is, which makes it the perfect alternative. Synthetic slate can stand up to high winds, heavy-hitting hail and other environmental concerns, and it looks just like the real thing.

Wood Roofing Materials

Wood roofing materials, like cedar shakes and shingles, aren’t as common as they once were. Because they’re not fire-resistant, and because they require a significant amount of regular maintenance, you don’t see them on most homes. However, they are durable and beautiful, and they can contribute to your home’s energy efficiency. Most people find that a synthetic alternative is much better – especially when it comes to fire resistance and affordability.

Do You Need to Talk to a Pro About Roofing Materials?

If you’re considering a new roof, we can help you find the right materials for your home’s architectural style and your budget. In many cases, synthetic alternatives to natural materials are the most reliable, durable and cost-effective.

Call us at 972-430-9276 for a free roof inspection or to ask us your questions about roofing materials, including how much they cost and what kind of protection each can offer your home. We’ll also provide you with a detailed quote on a new roof so you can make the right choice for your family.

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